Letter to the Journal news 10-2-10

Letter to the Journal News Editor:

October 2, 2010


In Yesterday’s edition of the Journal News, Republican State Chairperson Edward Cox, the son in law of President Richard Nixon, and the wealthy scion of four American founding families, commented that the GOP nominee for governor, Mr. Carl Paladino “will recover and get back to his plans to cut spending and taxes.” It seems easy for the rich Mr. Cox to spout platitudes regarding his support for the wealthy and unstable Paladino, who has used his monies for influence peddling in Albany. Somehow his lobbying and duplicities have nothing to do with the problems that he is railing against. Along with his uncontrollable ranting and threats, Paladino wants to cut NY State spending and taxes. Will he start with education which is basically funded at the local level, under local control? Will he slash Medicaid and close nursing homes and health care facilities for the lower middle class and the poor who have spent down their assets? Will he gut sorely needed infrastructure repairs? Will he close parks and recreation areas? Will he eliminate law enforcement personnel? He should articulate where his slashing budget axe will cut. Both Cox, who was born with a silver spoon in his grasp, and Paldino, who has scratched his way to prosperity, have quite different backgrounds. But, they have something in common, they both believe in the worship of wealth, and simplistic solutions, such as tax relief for the rich, will serve the general public. For a blue-blood like Cox to get into bed with the empty values of the Tea Party “Kool-Aid drinkers” reflects the bankruptcy of the Republican Party.

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