Trip to Lenox 9-27-10

This past weekend we stayed at the Ponds of Fox Hollow Resort, walked the though the City of Lenox's Apple-Squeeze Street Fair and played tennis at Cranwell. This former estate of Henry Ward Beecher and his sister Harriet Beecher Stowe (the author of “Uncle Tom's Cabin”) the famous abolitionists, who were critical in raising the awareness of Northerners to the vile nature of slavery in the South, is now owned by one of Linda's tennis friends. The current building, called Wyndhurst was built in 1869, by the new owner of the properly, General John Rathbone. It has had a long career, which even included being a Jesuit School for generations.


Jon joined us from Boston on Friday evening and after he unpacked and relaxed, we went over to nearby Lee, MA, which was having a weekend street fair and had a light dinner at Arizona Pizza. The next morning we drove over to the aforementioned Cranwell Resort and we played three sets of spirited mixed doubles with a tennis walk-on from Lenox and Delray Beach named Dewitt Thompson. After showering and freshening up, we drove to Lenox and strolled through their annual Apple-Squeezing Street Fair. Lenox is the home to Tanglewood's Music Center and is city which has a remarkable collection of bronze statuary throughout its historic district. After a long afternoon at the street fair, we headed out to the discount outlets and then Lee for an early Saturday evening dinner at the Salmon House, before Jon had to return to Boston. Upon arriving back at our duplex at Fox Hollow, which is only a short drive away, Jon packed up and departed. We rested a bit, and got ready to see the Tom Stoppard comedy, “The Real Inspector Hound,” at the Bernstein Theater, which is also quite close. Well the play was neither funny nor interesting, and we were tired and bored enough to walk out after the first act and never looked back. We found some ice cream in quiet Pittsfield at a Ben and Jerry's and it was back to our place.


Sunday morning, was cooler, but beautiful for tennis and anything else. Therefore, it was back to the courts at Cranwell, a swim at Fox Hollow, culminating with showers, packing and our departure. We took a leisurely drive south on Route 7 to Great Barrington, where we had a tasty tuna lunch at Martin's on Railroad Street, which is one block off Main Street. From there it was back on Route 7 South though southern Massachusetts to Sheffield and then into Canaan, CT and on our way into New York State and home. It was a lovely weekend, and again we lucked out with terrific weather, good company, excellent, affordable vittles, beautiful scenery and smooth uneventful driving.

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