Letter to the Dallas Daily News 7-23-09

Letter to the Dallas Daily News



My sense is that the wing-nuts of the lunatic fringe are so frustrated that their precious ideas have been rejected by the vast amount of Americas that they have turned to this silliness over President Obama's birth. I noticed yesterday there was a copy produced of a Hawaiian paper that had a notice of his birth! That must have been also planted retro-actively by the Obama-Manchurian Candidate Cabal. The fact is that he is president, and duly and fairly elected, not like the last fellow. He has a job to do and undermining him by appealing to the 8% who believe we staged the moon landing in La La Land is a fool's journey. What is the purpose? Is it to further divide the country and alienate the majority that supported him? He has a track record of achievement and the public accepted that record as a “free people” has a right to do in an open election. These fantastic claims about his legal expenses to suppress his background are ridiculous and a waste of time and energy. The politics of character assassination pay no freight. As to Obama being a socialist who is taking over private enterprise, how silly is that? He was elected because of the following: the failure of the Bush Administration, the economic collapse, the meltdown of many industries and the poor campaign team of McCain and Palin and their inability to convey a coherent message. If Obama had a name like Colin Powell Smith, was a two-term Senator and was 5 years older, and maybe even a veteran, he would have beaten McCain by 20 million votes despite not being of 100% WASP stock. The truth is that our country has been declining economically and educationally for many years. The policies of the GOP and their Dixiecrat allies have promulgated a spend and no tax policy, illegal immigration was encouraged to undermine labor, jobs were exported to low wage countries, we sunk into abject oil-dependency in the post-Carter and oil embargo era. We have reaped what we sowed. We are debtors in our own currency and we owe the world and our people trillions. The corporate strength of our auto, airline, financial, and retail institutions are hurting. Without timely intervention by the federal government, we could have seen a massive implosion that destroyed our total economic viability. Cascading bankruptcies and an economic meltdown may be favored by some nuts of the right-wing, but I am sure most Americans would rue that day. Let's get back to the real world and debate healthcare, education, taxation, deficits, and the future, not the idiocy that I have read on this blog by the many who have nothing better to do with their time.


Richard J. Garfunkel

Host of The Advocates

WVOX Radio 1460 AM


New Rochelle, NY

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