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“The Advocates”


Richard J. Garfunkel

 WVOX – AM Radio 1460- 12 Noon Wednesday

July 22, 2009

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009, at 12:00 Noon, I am hosting my show, The Advocates on WVOX- 1460 AM, or you can listen to the program’s live streaming at One can call the show at 914-636-0110 to reach us on the radio.  Our guest is Mr. Burt Solomon, author of FDR vs. The Constitution: the Court Packing Fight and the Triumph of Democracy, published by Walker & Company, NY. NY.


This fascinating, behind the scenes story is about FDR’s attempt to re-organize the federal court system and enlarge the Supreme Court. Historically many term this dramatic effort that started on February 5, 1937 as the “FDR’s attempt to pack the Supreme Court.” This story has “…special resonance today as we debate the limits of Presidential authority.” Burt Solomon.


Burt Solomon was born and raised in Baltimore, graduated Harvard College in 1970, worked for Texas Observer, Danvers (Mass.) Times, The Real Paper (alternative weekly in Cambridge, Mass.), went around the world 1975-76 when the paper was sold, The Energy Daily (as the editor), National Journal (covering the White House and other beats). It won the Gerald Ford Prize for Distinguished Reporting on the Presidency in 1992. This is his 3rd book; the first one, Where They Ain't, was about baseball in the 1890s in Baltimore and Brooklyn (named by GQ as one of the 20 best books of the millennium); the 2nd, The Washington Century, was a 20th century history of Washington through three families. He is now a contributing editor for National Journal and lives in Arlington, Va., inside the Beltway with his wife and has two grown kids.

Meanwhile, the mission of The Advocates is to bring to the public differing views on current “public policy” issues. “Public policy,” therefore, is what we as a nation legally and traditionally follow.


One can find my essays on FDR and other subjects at One can also listen to all of the archived shows at: Our guest next week will be Mr. Jay Rosenberg, who will discuss, “Surviving in the New American Economy.”


Richard J. Garfunkel

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