letter to the Journal News 11-12-08

Letter to the Editor of the Journal News

November 12, 2008


In this era of the ultimate “lame duck,” a term attributed to Horace Walpole in 1761, in a letter to Sir Horace Mann, who George W, Bush embodies, we have seen some interesting phenomena emerging. One is that there seems to be a gigantic undercount in various districts and states, especially in Alaska. With all of the evidence on the ground, polling, and statistical estimates, turnout seems to be flat. Is our system really that broken or has there been some serious vote fraud? On the other hand the country is being entertained by all of the media attention being fawned upon Governor Sarah Palin. Can anything be more laughable that the “talking heads” are seriously posing the thought that Governor Palin is not only a “leader” in the Republican Party, but has the potentiality of being a legitimate candidate in four years for Presidency? For a moment I thought that Matt Lauer and others were scurrying to the Yukon for another episode of Saturday Night Live. Could it be that Sarah Palin and Tina Fey are one in the same? Here we are in the midst of the most dangerous economic meltdown since the early days of the New Deal, and the networks are falling all over themselves to interview a failed candidate who reportedly didn’t know the countries of North America or whether Africa was a continent. Maybe we haven’t yet awakened from the afterglow of November 4th. I suggest that Sarah Palin and her comical group, be left alone to count all the “missing” ballots while she is contemplating the falling oil prices and its affect on the Alaskan economy and her real legacy.


Richard J. Garfunkel

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