Green Initiative-Mayor Clinton T+Young 10-30-08

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Mayor Young Announces Kick-Off of Mount Vernon Green Initiatives


Mount Vernon, NY—Mayor Clinton I. Young, Jr. held a press conference on to announce the commencement of Mount Vernon Green Initiatives.  Mayor Young introduced a partnership with a group lead by John Berenyi, a world renowned expert in the fields of alternate energy and alternate fuel technology, which will result in the creation of a vision plan that will outline steps the City of Mount Vernon will be able to take to become a more green community.  Joining the mayor was Planning & Community Development Commissioner Jeffrey Williams, who along with Deputy Chief of Staff, Brian Bochow, has been coordinating the project for the city.


“The path that the city needs to now travel is clear,” said Mayor Young.  “There is a demand to become more energy efficient in the way our government operates, but more importantly there is a demand to create progressive development strategies that include green technology in all markets (residential, commercial, and industrial).  Our city is going to work extremely hard to get ahead of the curve in fostering development of this kind.” 


The first steps in this initiative will require that an evaluation of city-owned buildings be performed as a means to determine their readiness for the use of alternative energy and energy efficient technology.  This could include but not be limited to solar technology, new window technology, and new heating and air conditioning technology.


This project represents the beginning of a future with endless possibilities,” said Mr. Berenyi.  “This the first piece of what Mount Vernon is trying to do, but there is no more important step to take than this one, to orient the city toward becoming a more energy efficient operation, and to getting people to think about the ways they can help.  Alternative energy companies should know that know that Mount Vernon is now on the path toward becoming a green city.”


During the course of this first step in the Mount Vernon Green Initiatives, Mr. Berenyi will be utilizing several resources to accomplish the goal of a vision plan.  His team includes Richard Garfunkel, who has been serving as a communication specialist and liaison to city government staff, Lawrence E. Howard, City Planner, Nelson Architects, Dr. Lewis J. Perelman, Strategic Planner, focusing on innovation, sustainability and resiliency and other invited experts.


The Mount Vernon Green Initiatives will be an ongoing program that will be ever-expanding and will most certainly assist the city in developing a comprehensive plan for development.


“This project couldn’t be happening at a better time,” said Commissioner Williams.  “Our comprehensive planning process is gearing up to reach out to the public and just as we have been thinking green for the past several months, we would like our citizens to start doing the same.”


Later in the year, Mayor Young hopes to announce new pieces of the Mount Vernon Green Initiatives, including the incorporation alternate-energy vehicles with an emphasis on an energy efficient engine modifications for the current municipal fleet.

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