Letter to the Editor – The Journal News 10-21-08

Letter to the Editor:

 Journal News- October
21, 2008

I was sickened to read a letter by Mr. Ralph Caccomo, in the
October 21st edition of the Journal News. Mr. Caccomo’s cynical and pejorative
views reflect what is basically wrong with our country which George Bush has
helped ruin and John McCain’s brand of “divide and conquer” politics has looked
to conquer. Mr. Caccomo already believes that Mr. Obama (and he uses his middle
name for emphasis) will plunder the country into the worst economic crisis since
Jimmy Carter. Most of us already believe that we are in the worst economic
crisis since Herbert Hoover’s time. Most of us also believe that the brigands
on Wall Street, and their deregulating friends like John McCain, have plundered
the country. Mr. Caccomo believes that our “messiah,” as he terms, Mr. Obama,
will open the door for more “femi-nazi” secular progressives, now being
lambasted by his hero Sarah Palin. Mr. Caccomo wishes this economic disaster on
so that the Sarah Palins of the future will pick up the pieces and triumph. In
the words of the late Joseph Welch when he was addressing Senator Joseph
McCarthy,  “Until this moment, Senator, I
think I never really gauged your cruelty or recklessness…have you no sense of
decency, sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?” Have we reached
a point in the country where political discourse has descended to the lowest of
all possible depths or are there more McCain-Palin robo calls in the offing?

Richard J. Garfunkel


Republicans will emerge

Win or lose, the Republican Party will emerge stronger from
the upcoming election. There is no doubt that a Barack Hussein Obama presidency
will plunder this country into the worst economic crisis that we have seen
since the disastrous Jimmy Carter era in the 1970s.

You liberals want change – well get ready because you just
might get what you wished for – higher payroll taxes, higher income taxes, higher capital gains
taxes and the list goes on. Then let's see how you feel about your messiah.

Perhaps the biggest winner that will come from this election
is the magnificent Gov. Sarah Palin. She has single-handedly turned the secular
progressive femi-Nazis on their heads. Take notice of the rage and acrimony
coming from the women's movement crowd. What happened to their mantra of
acceptance and tolerance? What a bunch of phonies. The bottom line is they
tremble at the thought of their precious right to kill human embryos being
under attack. Don't worry all you insufferable secular progressive women out
there, slaughter of the unborn will continue – for now.

Ralph G. Caccomo

Rye Brook



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