Letter the Editor 5-29-08

May 29, 2008


Letter to the Editor: Journal News


Once again the readers of the Journal News are entertained by the irrational but consistent attacks by Mr. Ed Krauss, in his recent letter to the editor, on Supervisor Paul Feiner. Mr. Krauss who claims to live in Scarsdale, even though he is a resident of Greenburgh, is once again confused. It wasn’t Mr. Feiner who fouled up the $19.9 million library project it was the friends and allies of Mr. Krauss, on and off, the Town Board. Mr. Feiner not only warned about the Library Board’s bloated project countless times, but also was irresponsibly overruled by three former members of the Greenburgh Town Board. He was not even allowed to bring in independent oversight by these same folks. Now Mr. Krauss, a serial critic of Mr. Feiiner, is associating the need for 9A to be improved with Mr. Feiner’s accurate attacks on County government waste, featherbedding and bloated budgets. Mr. Krauss bloviates so often that his appearances at the Town Board have become part of the “Wednesday Night Live’” comic relief.


Richard J. Garfunkel

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