Letter to the Journal News 7-16-07-Secrecy in Greenburgh

Letter to the Editor of the Journal News



Secrecy and Manipulation in Greenburgh:


Maybe it is time to have the Westchester DA’s office, and the NY State’s Attorney-General, find out why developer Richard Troy is swearing in a deposition that the Greenburgh Town Board is conspiring with lawyer Robert Bernstein on how to manipulate the ownership and the price of a piece of property that abuts the Greenburgh Nature Center. Does Bernstein want this property for his own personal use? Will this property be used as an eventual Edgemont village hall, if Bernstein is able to engineer Edgemont’s secession from Greenburgh?  It seems to this observer that Richard Troy and his partners, according to his sworn testimony, met Town Board members without the Supervisor’s knowledge. He may have not known that it was against the law for the Greenburgh Town Board to meet secretly, but for sure the Town Board understood the provisions of the state’s “open meetings” statutes. Only a proper investigation will expose how much real influence Mr. Robert Bernstein is exercising in Greenburgh, as he seems to lead the Town Board into one tangled web after another.


Richard J. Garfunkel

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