Letter to the Editor-The Journal News -WestHELP 6-13-07

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Letter to the Editor:


In your June 12, 2007, letters to the editor section, we saw two contrasting views regarding the WestHELP conflict that is affecting the taxpayers and the citizens of the Mayfair-Knollwood neighborhood of Greenburgh. The head of the local civic association has articulated the duplicity of the Greenburgh Town Board, who in its arrogance and self-serving ambition to run Greenburgh through its venal and legislative “dictatorship” has punished the children of Greenburgh, who attend the Valhalla schools.  In contrast we were exposed to a wanton political attack on Greenburgh Supervisor Paul Feiner by one of his opponent’s political hack friends. This is nothing new from Feiner’s challengers, who impugn his honesty and well-known integrity at every opportunity. But their baseless canards have been proven wrong time and again. Two years ago, his opponent defended two Board members in front of the Fair Campaign Practice Board and lost! Then it was an 11th hour smear that smacked of McCarthyism. When will the “boss” of the town Democratic Party resign?


Richard J. Garfunkel

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