Republicans Move in on Reagan Country May 4, 2007

Republicans Move in on Reagan Country


Richard J. Garfunkel

May 4, 2007


I did something that I have rarely done in the past; I listened to a group of Republicans debate. There is certainly a vast difference between these men and their philosophy and the Democratic hopefuls. For starters, I was impressed with some of their perspectives on our porous borders. Unfortunately, the President, who is their leader, not mine, has had an “open border” policy for six years, and it has failed miserably. Aside from the immigration issue, one thing for sure that came across to me, any supporters of women’s issues or rights, should better watch out with this group of flat-earth, creationists and flat-taxers.


These cooking cutter conservatives bent over backwards to leap into the sarcophagus of the “Great Communicator,” who when he testified at the McFarlane-Poindexter trials, stated, under oath, that he couldn’t remember over 400 times. The ghost of Ronald Reagan has now completely replaced the fetid image of the GOP as the party of “McKinley and Hoover,” who brought us imperialism and depression. Against this field, even old “Tricky Dickie” seemed like colossus.


Meanwhile how about a library with “Air Force One” hanging from the ceiling? I was sort of hoping that it would fall on the whole crowd! But seriously, these guys are frightening. They want to suspend government, turn the clock back on rights, eliminate inheritance taxes, fight until the last drop some one else’s blood, and bomb Iran. I was also incredibly amazed that some of this “gang of ten” did not believe in “evolution.” Maybe they should see “Inherit the Wind.”  I was also impressed with the utter idiocy of the “out-of-step” candidates Brownback, Huckabee and Tancredo. Those three could easily audition for a revival of the “Three Stooges Morph into the Three Blind Mice.” Therefore, since they are out of the equation, as much as Congressman Paul, who is a total non-entity, nothing more should be said about them. Former Governors Thompson and Gilmore came across as a bit more earnest, as they compared veto records on taxes. Of the two, I leaned to Gilmore as a bit more stable and sensible, if that were possible. Congressman Duncan Hunter, who seems like a pleasant sort, was lost in the back some place and though not as dense as the “Three Stooges” is also forgettable.


Therefore we, the public, were left with the big three: Giuliani, McCain and Romney. This trio has flip-flopped on many social issues, and their stances on foreign policy, vis-à-vis Iraq, has been confusing to say the least. McCain, the biggest critic of the Bush administration’s incompetence, seems to be the biggest and most vocal supporter of the so-called “surge.” McCain to me looked old, and old hat. He has the most schizophrenic record of the “gang of ten.” He is has the most consistent rightwing voting record, but seems to be the most unreliable Republican in Congress. Paradoxically, he has been a loose cannon, can work with the Democrats, and is the least progressive. Rudy Giuliani is, in reality, an opportunist and a hypocrite. He spent eight years in New York City as Mayor, and through most of those years he was well liked and respected by many. He was decently accommodating to the uniqueness of liberal New York, and therefore came across as quite pragmatic. In the last few years before 9/11, he got bogged down with the Brooklyn Museum and other silly issues, became quite testy with the press, the public and protesters, and had squandered most of his good will and political currency. Certainly, with regards to race and race relations, he failed. That flaw doesn’t seem to affect his standing with the average “yahoo” in the “Red States.”  Rudy will get more heat in the coming days from his previous thoughts and actions regarding, abortion, the religious right, government’s role, his connections with Bernard Kerik and corruption, and his own three marriages, his estranged son, and his obvious inconsistent morality. Just ask Donna Hanover! 


We are left with, it seems, the inevitable candidate, the former Governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney. Many may have forgotten his father, George, who was once the head of the now defunct American Motors and a three-time governor of Michigan. George, who was born in Mexico and was descended from polygamous Mormon grandparents who fled America, also wanted to run for President. Upon his return from a “fact-finding” trip to Vietnam in 1967, he claimed that he was the victim of “the greatest brainwashing that anybody can get.” Later on he opposed the war. But the “brainwashing” issue stuck, and he faded from consideration. His son, the super-rich, Mitt Romney looks downright Reaganesque with his full head of combed back, Brylcreme-coated hair. He came across well poised, prepared and presidential. He was able to skirt the issues of his philosophical inconsistencies, and his ability to be an affective manager came across. So for my money he’s on the move! One thing for sure, you won’t hear the term “brainwashed” from his mouth.



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