Letter to Cong. Charles Rangel 4-3-07

Representative Charles B. Rangel

15th Congressional District

U.S. House of Representatives

163 West 125th Street

Suite 737

NYC, NY 10027


April 3, 2007 


Dear Congressman Rangel,


Over the years I have been an active and involved Democrat from Westchester County. My adult political career started as a District Leader in White Plains in the fall of 1969 and I was even the White Plains co-chairperson for George McGovern in 1972. Over the years I have also had the pleasure of meeting you at different locales and venues in the County. I cannot say that we are in “lock-step” on every little issue, but I can readily say that we generally agree on most political perspectives. Currently I am still active as the campaign Chairperson for Supervisor Paul Feiner of the Town of Greenburgh, and have been working with Mayor Ernie Davis of Mount Vernon on a comprehensive downtown re-vitalization.


Last Sunday, I had the distinct pleasure of seeing you on WNBC’s Meet the Press with Tim Russert. In all of the years that I have been watching, I can say without equivocation that your interview and remarks were as interesting, enlightening and inspiring as any I have heard in many, many years. As usual, you handled yourself with grace and aplomb, and because of that interview, I told my wife Linda that we must order your book immediately. In fact, I was just up in Boston celebrating the first Seder with my adult children, Dana (who is the assistant admissions director for the John F. Kennedy School at Harvard,) and my son Jon (a Princeton EE grad, a software designer in Cambridge) and told them that your interview shouldn’t be missed. They both later watched the program via the Internet. Your remarks about your mother and brother evoked a tear in my eye, and anyone who listened to your interview should now understand completely your unquestioned patriotism and commitment to a more just America. Your life is an American success story, and your experience and leadership is what America so vitally needs now in Congress.


Keep up the good work, and when you are back visiting Westchester, please keep me informed (via email). I would like to have the opportunity to say hello in person once again and participate in your efforts.


Regards and continued good luck and health,



Richard J. Garfunkel

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