Letter to the Journal News 10-21-06

October 21, 2006


Letter to the Editor: Journal News


In less than three weeks the American public will exercise its Constitutional right and its democratic obligation to vote. We have an opportunity to make a strong statement on the many issues that both affect and concern all of us. We can send a pointed message to the leadership in Washington that we wish to have greater oversight on our foreign policy adventures, and influence over the direction of our domestic economy. Over the past few years the American people have been constantly asked to support the “staying the course” option. Our current leadership has also told us that the Democrats have no plans, alternatives, or consistent positions. If, and when, the Democrats control Congress in 2007, we will then only learn whether that argument is true. One thing is obvious, we do have a two-party system, and when one party dominates the executive and legislative branches it is their record that is on the line. We have found out, the hard way, that the lack of proper oversight and investigation imperils our well-being and future. We need, therefore, to seriously consider the consequences of the current leadership’s actions and answer the following questions. Are we happy with the debacle in Afghanistan? Are we satisfied with the current military conditions in Iraq? Are we happy with the administration’s tax policy favoring the super -rich? Are we satisfied with the blurring of the “Establishment Clause” and are we concerned with the continued erosion of our rights? In other words, are we happy with the direction our country is going? I support dramatic change that can only come through “check and balances” from an independent Congress. Hopefully this change will start to reverse the “culture of corruption” in Washington, address our porous borders and the crisis of illegal immigration, arrest the decline of the middle class and the runaway costs of healthcare, education and housing. No party has a monopoly on truth or ideas. Time has come, not only here, but also all over America, to start to reverse this course while we still have a chance.


Richard J. Garfunkel

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