The FDR Birthday Ball Concept 9-2002

 The Concept: Mission Statement: The Birthday Ball/ The March of Dimes



The re-creation of the Franklin D. Roosevelt Birthday Balls of the 1930’s, with the emphasis on raising monies for the March of Dimes effort to find the cure for birth defects. This effort should also bring forth to a new generation of Americans the eternal and enduring Roosevelt message of active faith, optimism, hope and the spirit of opportunity for all. By associating this effort with the January 30th birthday of President Roosevelt, the public will always be able connect the eventual elimination of birth defects with his great legacy.


The Project:


The project’s mission is to establish on January 30th, of 2003 a dinner birthday ball at a place to be determined (Hyde Park, and or other locales). This event would bring together people and institutions to establish an annual event that would raise money for the continued research to eliminate birth defects and promote the name, message and legacy of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt.


The Committee:


The committee must bring together individuals from a number of disciplines. The committee must determine what it wishes to accomplish and how it wishes to get there.

It must establish attainable goals with reasonable expectation.

Disciplines listed below:


A)    Finance

B)     Organization

C)    Public relations

D)    Journal

E)     Advertising

F)     Legal

G)    Political/ Governmental

H)    Cultural

I)       Educational

J)       Medical

K)     The Internet and a Website


The Committee’s Function and Design:


The committee and its responsibility:

A)    Finance

1.      Create a budget.

2.      Raise money for “start-up” needs.

a)      Stationery

1.      Design

2.      Quality

3.      Amount

b)      Postage

1.   How much to mail

c)      Printing

1.   What quality?

2.    Who to choose?

d)      Travel expenses/incidentals

1.      Who to visit?

2.      Where to go?

3.      Establish funding vehicles

a)      Disbursement

1.   Controller, secretary

b)      Receiving donations

1.   Office Staff

c)      Accounting

1. Bank accounts

B)     Organization

1.      Setting meetings and agendas

a)      Local

b)      Regional

c)      National

2.      Delegating responsibility

   a)  Officers- titles

3.      Following-up on tasks

4.      Overall direction and course correction

C)    Public Relations

1.      Contacting the media

a)      Newspapers, television, radio

1. When, where and how

b)      Holding press conferences

c)      Writing press releases

1. Secretarial

2. Computer Access

2.      Meeting with local and regional community


D)    Journal

1.      The design and creation of a Birthday Ball Journal

a)      Contacting printers and design people

b)      Establishing a Journal cost budget

c)      Journal will present

1)      Mission statement

2)      Introduction

3)      Articles

4)      List of contributors

5)      Advertising

1. Advertising person

2.      The over-site function

a)      Its proof-reading

b)      The inclusion of all names and ads

c)      Its deadline

E) Advertising

1.      The selling of ads

               a)   Local

               b)   Regional

               c)   National or Corporate

2.      Availability of space and its cost


F) Legality and Liability

1.      Responsibility for liability and compliance

2.      The need for insurance

3.      The structural responsibility

a)      Corporate or non-corporate

b)      Election or appointment of officers


G) Political/ Governmental

1.      Local, regional, state, national

2.      Contact with these offices and officials and departments


H) Cultural

1.      Entertainment

a)      Music

b)      Dance floor

2.      Speakers, and or Master of Ceremonies

a)      Introductions

b)      Credits

c)      Acknowledgements

d)      Awards


I) Educational

1.      Local, regional, state

a)      High schools, colleges

b)      Scholarships

c)      Grants

1)      FDR-March of Dimes Essay Contest

2)      Annual awards

3)      Corporate grants


L)     Medical

1.      Consultant to committee

2.      Resource for press release person


K) The Internet and a Website

1.      The importance of the site

a) Reaching people

b) Providing information

c) Receiving feed-back

d) Raising funds

2.      Who and how the site is created

a) Finding the right programmer

b) Determining the cost

c) Approving the design

3.      The message on the site

a) Selecting the message

b) Checking the compliance of the message

4.      The inter-connectivity of the site

a) Having a site inter-active

b) Is that needed?





For any effort to be successful one must be able to deliver on certain essentials. The first of these essentials is leadership; the second essential is a “good” team and teamwork. There must be the element of coordination between members of the team and an overall perspective relative to direction. Leadership must address this overall perspective and vision. Anything less will cause the project to falter, lose focus and get stalled. Therefore leadership and the committee it serves must have the vision to see a desired result. With that vision the leadership and the committee must set attainable realistic goals and have the commitment to reach those goals



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