High Holy Days 9-18-10

Holidays 2010



It is Saturday morning here on Yom Kippur. It is a bit gray and about 61 degrees. It promises to be nice and hit about 75 and tomorrow is also supposed to be quite mild and go to 85. My indoor tennis game started but I am not scheduled tomorrow. After many years my separate, but parallel game that was played in MV has ended. The facility is being torn down and re-structured and some of the players have aged and have been injured out of play. C’est sera. Last night we went to Kol Nidre services, the 2nd shift at 8:45pm and the service ended at 10:00 pm. For the first time this year I saw Fran Sanders (McKinley) with her older sister and her brother-in-law. We said hello, and I talked to her about my email adventures, which you may have read about, regarding Nichols JHS’s colors! That effort, which developed out of a request from Bruce Fabricant, Class of Davis, 1960, seemed to be put to bed. Everyone chimed in about all of the school colors from grammar school to MVHS.


Today it is off to synagogue at 10:30 am and then later services in the afternoon. Keeping busy with very little that is really important. On October 6, I will be having a radio show with a Columbia professor named Mark Taylor, who wants to reform the whole structure of the nation’s colleges and universities. I have his book. Lew Perelman recommended that I listen to his Youtube interview and that I contact him. So I did. In a nut shell, he believes that the whole system is economically unsustainable. I believe he is right. But reform? I doubt anyone cares until there is a collapse. It is our hatred and fear of planning for the future, even if that means what will happen the next day.


We are healthy, but I could lose 10 lbs though. Dana is keeping close company with a nice guy from Manchester, NH and Jon is pursuing a lady Cantor from Acton, Ma. We had the Koerners, Robin Lyons and Guy Fairstein over after Rosh Hashshona services for lunch. We all missed you tow. Next year we’ll do it all again! Most of this stuff is on Facebook, so I gather you keep up now and again. I am expecting a post card one in a while, by the way!  RJG



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