Letter to the South Carolina Legislature 7-1-09


The South Carolina Legislature should begin an investigation immediately of the Governor and his outrageous actions. His conduct and hypocrisy is sickening. How often are we going to have to tolerate empty and meaningless platitudes from philandering hypocrites on the public payroll? This is a man who called for the impeachment of Bill Clinton. This is a man who talks of family values; this is a man who deserves no pity from the public. This is a man who should resign or be removed. Former Governor Spitzer was forced out of his job in New York because of his indiscretions and no less should be required of this individual.


Personally I am tired and sickened by this faux silliness and the crocodile tears regarding sympathy for his selfish and disgusting conduct. How about sympathy for his tortured wife and family? How about sympathy for the folks of South Carolina who have been deceived and mislead? How about the average folks who have to explain his conduct to their children? When are we collectively going to be fed up with these miscreants?


Richard J. Garfunkel

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