Letter to the Editor of the Journal News 3-24-09

Letter to the Editor- Journal News

March 24, 2009



Recently there was a letter to the editor written by Peter Polstein. He basically accused the Obama administration of treasonous activity with his ludicrous claim that we were moving towards becoming a Marxist nation. His understanding of history seems to be incredibly flawed. He accuses the Obama Administration of putting us in “dire financial circumstances.” His accusations seem to border on mental instability, as he worries about “political correctness,” as if that were a threat to all of our well-being. He has declared that the Obama administration is a bunch of “left-wing” elitists who are violating the Constitution daily. After 68 days in office he has already declared that the cabinet is a group of “incompetent or left elitists.” But that isn’t all, he wants immediate term limits for the Congress, excuses AIG for being at the heart of many of our economic problems, and conveniently forgets the last administration, whose foreign adventurism, lack of regulation and oversight, deficit spending, historical incompetence, and give-away tax programs led us into this economic morass. At the end of his mindless diatribe, he sites the armed forces and our sacrifices on the battlefield. To quote Samuel Johnson, who said in 1775, “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.” Haven’t we had enough of these baseless accusations from these arm chair generals and so-called “experts” on the US Constitution? Every time there is an economic disaster created by Wall Street and their GOP acolytes, the voters decide that it is time for a change. Well, 2008 was not much different then 1912, 1932, 1960 and 1992. Hopefully the tide has changed because of the aggressive actions by the Obama Administration. The public wanted action and President Obama is delivering it!


Richard J. Garfunkel


Country moving toward socialism


In the short time that this administration has been in power, the promise of change has been immediate and its pre-election promises have been levied out with little or no concern for the overall populace. The Cabinet is made up of either incompetent or elite left individuals. The smoke-and-mirror daily entreatments do not mask the true intent of moving this country toward a hard left socialist, if not Marxist, government. They speak of the former administration's lack of constitutional verve, yet, they have taken positions so contrary to the Constitution that it is becoming the subject of scrutiny. If there was ever a reason to place term limits on those in the House and Senate to eight years, this administration has generously provided the ultimate reason for a constitutional amendment.

It is easy to politicize a scapegoat such as AIG. Their continued rhetoric, pointing fingers, and congressional and senatorial hearings are simply distractions, while they place our country in dire financial circumstances. I am sick and tired of political correctness and a government that pledges only they can provide what is needed for the people.

For those of us who have served this country with honor, and for the millions who paid the ultimate sacrifice since our founding, it is time to take our country back to those principles in which the Constitution was born. This country will not be a model for European socialism; let this administration understand full well the intent.

Peter Polstein


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