Letter to the editor 12-26-08

Letter to the Editor of the Journal News

December 26, 2008



In the other day’s Journal News we were witness again to the entertainment of another mindless diatribe by one of the most notorious haters that Greenburgh has produced. Mr. Ed Krauss has been railing against Supervisor Paul Feiner for years now. At every opportunity he comes to the Town Board, with his faux expertise to lecture the town on the law, ethics, the park system, insurance liabilities and the like. He has made a career out of constantly accusing Supervisor of imagined improprieties. The people of Greenburgh will not be fooled by this latest distortion of the facts, this latest barrage of inaccuracies and this latest attempt at character assassination. With regards to the new library, Supervisor had suggested a much more prudent and financially responsible course to take when the final library plan was rammed down the throat of the taxpayers by the former Board. The enabling referendum was cynically used as a political lever against the Supervisor. It was timed to characterize his concerns and opposition as being “anti-library” and a virtual book-burner. But his fighting for added use of the “bookmobile” put a “lie” to that specious claim.


The Supervisor was wholly in support of an orderly and calculated upgrade of the library, the sale of the extra land for needed senior housing or an assisted living facility, and the creation of an income stream to the town. That is the public record. He also wanted expert oversight of the library’s construction, but that was rejected by the former Board with support from people like Ed Krauss. The profligate spending of the reserve fund by the previous Board that created two years of zero tax increases flew in the face of reality and the protests of the Supervisor. When the economic profile of the region started to slide, Greenburgh was faced with a large tax increase that included the extra costs of the new library. Supervisor Feiner warned us this then, and Mr. Ed Krauss, who supported the library, and the referendum is well aware of that fact.


Richard J. Garfunkel

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