Letter to Fred Barnes and the Weekly Standard 11-24-08

To the Weekly Standard

Letter to Fred Barnes



Maybe this Blog should be called The Weekly “De-Standard.” I just read Fred Barnes' recent silliness where he actually wrote in print that FDR prolonged the Depression to allow WWII to bail us out. That's some stretch of the imagination. I am sure Mr. Barnes will now go down in history as either the most original thinker since Socrates, or the biggest moron allowed writing something under his/her own name. As to the GOP's future in the in the coming days, the more the wing-nuts control things and promote Sarah Palin as their Joan of Arc, the larger the Democratic majorities will grow. The numbers show that there are many more vulnerable GOP Senators (19 out of 33) up for election in 2010 then Democrats and the control of the House will definitively not change. My sense is that the damage engendered by the lamest presidential duck since Hoover has tarnished his name and that of the GOP far into the future. As usual, the GOP acolytes not only wish Obama to fail, but will work hand in glove to make that happen. That is why the Democrats will have a 60 vote super majority, with or without, the magic number or Joe Lieberman. They will get some decent crossovers from Snow, Collins, Specter or a few others. These folk will not want to be drinking Kool-Aid with Fred Barnes, Rick Davis, Sarah Palin, Karl Rove, and the other American Neanderthals. I look for a successful new Congressional session and a steady march to recovery along with the proper reform, oversight and regulations to harness in the manipulators that still abound within the banking and brokerage survivors.


Richard J. Garfunkel

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