Dueling Letters to the Editor Spetember 12, 2008

Criticism of my Letter to the Editor and my Response!
September 12, 2008

 Criticism of Palin elitist Letter

Richard J. Garfunkel's
Saturday letter, “McCain's pick tough to take seriously,” attempting
to prove Sarah Palin's inexperience for vice president, has instead
demonstrated the classism and elitism rife in liberal critique of the Palin

As the self-proclaimed
ideology championing the voice of the little guy, liberals repeatedly use the
geographical and socio-economic status of Palins constituency as evidence for
her political inadequacies. The terms in Mr. Garfunkels letter, for example
“small-town,” “tundra of Alaska”
and “backwoods primitivism” both demonstrate my point and insult
small-town America.
At what point did D.C. politics and law degrees become prerequisites for POTUS?

I'd be proud to have Sarah
Palin represent my country as the VP, and when she decides to visit New York, be the first
to treat that “backwoods” piece of trailer trash to her first NY

Kyle G. Krueger

Cortlandt Manor


RJG Answers small-town guy
from Cortlandt Manor!

As a G-d-fearing so-called elitist, I am proud to be a
card-carrying middle of the road Democrat. It is true, like many so-called
elitists I read, study, and remember. I remember John McCain and the “Keating
Five” and how his “heroic” background helped whitewash him from the fate
of the other Abscambers. I also recall that unlike the “elitist”
president of the Harvard Law Review, Barack Obama, he was fifth from the bottom
of his class of 900 at Annapolis.
I assume he was an affirmative action selection because of his illustrious
name. I also remember how he dumped his first wife after she was injured in a
car accident. I also remember that he was the Chairperson of the Commerce
Committee that overseas things like regulation and the financial marketplaces.
I also remember him as a knee-jerk supporter of the Reagan-Bush-Bush troika who
worship at the throne of deregulation and the free (for all) market. These are
the same people who decry government, and its bigness, but scream for help when
they get into trouble. But this time the libertarians of the right really have
gotten us in the slippery slope soup. My friend from Cortlandt Manor, Mr.
Krueger was unhappy with my characterization of Governor Palin's home hunting
grounds. Basically Alaska is not like the
small home towns of almost any Americans, no less the good folk of Cortlandt Manor
and Westchester County. In truth Alaska is 93% white, has a majority of men,
has tremendous social problems, has one of the smallest populations and has by
far the fewest people per square mile on this side of the earth, and its
“tundra” is not like any other state. Look, some Alaskans really like
the governor for bringing home the “bacon” (pork.)

In fact, Sara Palin
was able to “earmark” almost $220 for every man, woman, child and
moose in our 49th State. Can you imagine if Barack Obama could have increased
the Illinois
earmarks from $22 per capita to her number, we would all be broke.

But I really appreciate Ms Palin for her GOP family values
that seem to replicate her running mate and America's Mayor who is on wife
number three and whose children don't seem to want to talk to him. But no one
should bring up the fact that the governor has had management problems with her
own family while she is pontificating about others and their “elitist”
G-d depracating ways. But the governor has some resume problems that accompany
her moose hunting credentials. She didn't seem to be a corruption fighter, she
seems to be involved in a modern day book burning, she seems to be involved in
abusing her power regarding her familial problems, she seems to not have sold
her jet bomber on Ebay, she seems to have criticized her Wasilia predecessor,
Mayor Stein for not being Christian. It seems he is a Lutheran.  Maybe being a Lutheran is not Christian
enough to a “newly” born Evangelical. It seems she thinks our efforts
in Iraq
are a new chapter in the Crusades and that our “western G-d” has
blessed that ill-conceived and executed adventure. But we in Westchester
are elitists when we want our elected officials to have half a brain. We should
applaud Sara Palin and her vast educational and academic experiences at five
colleges. Of course she eventually graduated, I think from the Harvard of the
Rockies, the University
of Idaho. But of course a
famous North Dakotan, GOP US
Senator Roman Hruska, defended Nixon's mediocre choices for the Supreme Court,
G.Harold Carswell, and Clement Haynesworth, by saying that being a
“C” student was under-represented on the Court. The Senate and the
public didn't buy that load of malarcky and rejected those two idiotic choices.
So Sara Plain isn't a genius. Who needs smart
people? Look at the trouble we got in with another Ivy Leaguer George Bush II.
But maybe he was a legacy just like John McCain! Do we really believe that he
got in on his own?

Well with Sara Palin, and John McCain, who has made
flip-flopping and newspeak an art form, the blush maybe off the rose. His
economic doubletalk and nonsense has finally penetrated into most voters’
heads, and the GOP ticket of old and dumb with young and dumber seems to have
peaked. I am glad that Mr. Krueger will head her parade of anti-elitists and
book-burners down to the public square where they will bow to the Golden Calf
of Creationism, flat-earthism, and hiss at Darwin's memory. I recommend that he
re-see “Duck Soup” with the Marx Brothers and see how the Country of
Fredonia worked (Karl wasn't in that film!)

Richard J. Garfunkel

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