The Advocates and How FDR Saved America

“The Advocates”


Richard J. Garfunkel

 WVOX – AM Radio 1460- 12 Noon Wednesday

January 30, 2008


Wednesday, January 30, 2008, at 12:00 Noon, I am hosting my show “The Advocates” on WVOX- 1460 AM on your dial, or you can listen to its live streaming at  One can call the show at 914-636-0110 to reach us on the radio. Today’s topic is about our 32nd President, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, whose birthday was on this date in 1882. The topic is the “Impact of FDR, and How He Saved America and the World.” 


My guest today is Mr. Bernard Bellush, who currently resides with his wife Jewel in Valhalla, NY. He is the author of the scholarly work, “Franklin D. Roosevelt as Governor of New York,” which was published by the Columbia University Press in 1955. Mr. Bellush was a professor at City College in New York City. Mr. Bellush, in writing this unique book, came into contact with some of the intellectual giants of that era, which include Allan Nevins, Herman Kahn, Richard B. Morris, Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., and Frank Freidel, one of FDR’s greatest biographers.


As of this past November, Professor Bellush turned 90 years old. He was born, raised and educated in New York City’s great public schools as well as its outstanding City College. He took 3 years off from his graduate work at Columbia University to be further educated by the Army of the USA. Part of that experience involved landing on Omaha Beach on D-Day to help set up the first ammunition depot as a Sergeant with the 616th Ordnance Ammunition Company. The GI Bill of Rights, one of the greatest pieces of legislation ever, helped him complete his doctorate at Columbia. His first book, with editorial assistance from his wife Jewel, was “Franklin D. Roosevelt as Governor of New York.”  While teaching at CCNY he authored other books on the NRA, a biography of Governor John G Winant of New Hampshire, and a joint authorship with his wife Jewel “Union Power in New York.” For the last 5 years, he and his wife have been kept busy lecturing at our Senior Community, Westchester Meadows, on Political and Historical subjects.


One can find my essays on FDR and other subjects at RJG Public Thoughts: and can also see all of the archived shows at: 


Meanwhile, the mission of the “Advocates” is to bring to the public differing views on current “public policy “ issues. “Public policy,” therefore, is what we as a nation legally and traditionally follow. Over the years, the “public policy” of the United States has changed or has been modified greatly. As an example, “free public education” is the public policy of the United States. Also, over time great struggles have ensued over the control of the direction of “public policy” For example: free trade vs. protectionism, slavery vs. emancipation, state’s rights vs. Federalism, and an all-volunteer armed forces or the “draft.”


Richard J. Garfunkel 


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