Letter to the Poder Blog on the future of George Allen 10-1-06

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Response to Article  about George Allen, Jr.

by- RJ Garfunkel

Why he he is going to win re-elections!

Daniel G. Garza

October 1, 2006

George Allen is a light-weight, who got to where he is on his father's name and reputation. He has neither said nor done anything that would qualify him to be President or even hold his current seat. The use of the “N” word is nothing new for people of his background and upbringing. He, like others have said many things in their feckless youth. But, of course, if he would have apologised for that youthful indiscretion, almost all would have been forgiven. But in the context of the “macacca” remark, where he denied the meaning of the word, and his so-called ignorance of his mother's Jewish roots, his true level of candidness was exposed. He made the statement, when asked, that he did not remember saing the “N” word. Of course it was quoted by the wife of his former coach, who had been telling that story for 20+ years. On “Hardball,” Chris Mathews has said numerous times that he could not believe his story on the use of the word “macacca.” Any thinking or rational person could easily understand that he picked up the slur, possibly inadvertantly from his Tunisian-born mother. Maybe she used it in the home, in a private way, like many people do. But to attempt to make us believe that he invented the word is a joke. With regards to George Allen's past, just read about him from his sister in an article on the Huffington Blog. She's not too flattering of her brother and his insane antics as a young adult. In fact he comes across as a viscious boor. But if the GOP sees him as the natural heir to George W. Bush, they are probably right. They both are boorish louts. I have been paying attention to American politics since I was 12. I graduated, as an American history major, from Boston University 39 years ago, and have directly involved in politics, with my wife, for 37 years. I read about politics and American history constantly and have been in local government. I sincerely believe that there has never been a worse President than George W. Bush. The list of his inadequacies goes on and on. But the other George, named Allen, with his simplistic platitudes, his faux drawl, his cowboy boots, his good old boy red-neck flat-earth thinking and hypocritical morality would be perfect heir to the current disaster. I hope that George Allen is beaten and we, as a people, start to cultivate Republicans who are not captives of the nativistic impulses of the evangelicals and who go back to their roots of thrift, real family values, and decency.

RJ Garfunkel
Tarrytown, NY


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