Campaign Debates-Greenburgh , NY Summer 2005

Three-peat in Dobbs Ferry

September 1, 2005

Richard J. Garfunkel, Chairperson



The challenge was met again. In a series of three debates held at Town Hall, in the Edgemont Complex Club House on Martling Avenue in Tarrytown, and at the Empress Meeting House on Palisade Street in Dobbs Ferry, we met our opponents, we deflected their windage (hot air) and we prevailed with strength, élan, and with a focused message.


Expecting a packed house of so-called Democratic regulars, we were pleasantly surprised by an outstanding turnout of our brand of “New Democrats.” These “”New Democrats” have vision and energy. Of course Suzanne Burger the chairperson of the so-called party was there with her gang of used up re-treads. But where were their numbers? Where were their scores of supporters? Where was their gang of “sycophants” that carried half our 4500 petitions? No they weren’t there!


But what they did have there was their collection of hatchet men. The old regulars of Hal Sammis, Ed Krauss, Lorrin Brown, and Ella Preiser were assisted by some unnamed henchmen and women to do their dirty work.


Leading the effort, the Morgan-Dengler dynamic duo, held their ground successfully against a withering and insulting attack by the Cabal’s hit men. One person had the audacity to insult Kevin Morgan and besmirch his record and reputation by attempting to drag his name through the mud over a discredited civil suit. This base attempt to smear Kevin, a decorated and retired Detective of the Greenburgh police department, was swiftly dealt with. The crowd appreciated Kevin’s seering and brilliant reply, and his toady beaten critic slinked out of the room, never to be seen again. Another one of the Greenawalt smear team bit the dust.


Of course many of our questions dealt with Greenawalt’s low-brow effort to pin the tag of chaos on the Feiner legacy. Too bad for “Big ‘Call Me Inarticulate’ Bill”, that he had to listen to Ms. Juettner spending precious time in her two debates denying that there was any chaos. But she couldn’t shake the responsibility of voting with the Board against many of Paul’s progressive ideas, and sharing the blame for Greenawalt’s criticism of Paul’s efforts.  Of course Greenawalt felt the sting of criticism when he was linked with the “Methadone Maintenance Rumor” of Hartsdale Avenue, promulgated by the Bernstein-McNally hit team. Of course Bernie the Attorney was nowhere to be found. The Greenawalt Gang did not feel comfortable being linked to the divisive demagogic destructiveness of the legal beagle from Edgemont, who has stated that he will devote his life to destroying the Town to discredit Paul.


Unlike the almost “Empty Chair” debate at Town Hall, where the Greenawalt Gang was finessed to whimpering status, the debate for Town Board went first. Kevin and Allegra stayed on message. They made their points, fighting for “open” government, alternate energy and fiscal responsibility. They are running as a team with Supervisor Paul Feiner and proud of their association. Unfortunately the other group is running from “Big Bill” like he was “Typhoid Mary.” They practically never brought up his name. It was almost Old Testament in its symbolism. Just the word of his name would burn their tongues in the same way that it seared Moses’ brother Aaron. Again they ran away and hid. Any connection between “Big Bill” and his compatriots in crime was purely coincidental. So it was Juettner and Sheehan trying to “bob and weave” but to no avail. Their disappointed water –carriers looked as if they came out of the Sahara dessert, with their throats dry, parched and cracking. Of course it was brought up that Sheehan, a faux Democrat at best, was a life-long Republican, who while on the proverbial road to Tarsus, was converted by Paul Feiner, no less, to become the greatest, and most loyal Democrat ever. In the Bible it was Saul who was converted to Paul, in our latter day Passion Play it was Francis X who was converted by Paul. Unfortunately the Sheehan we know is a phony, who has spent endless hours taping meetings, scrutinizing the statutes for arcane references, and searching for endless ways to delay, obfuscate and disrupt the Board. It is Sheehan, along with his Cabalistic gang who has brought chaos and division to the Board. Let’s give credit where it is due!


Allegra and Kevin closed with their vision for the Town and their strong positions that reflected no-compromise on Choice, opposition to Indian Point, a vision for the future, support for energy alternatives and fiscal sanity. The public is hurting with skyrocketing fuel prices and double digit tax increases, and the Morgan-Dengler Team understands their needs!


Next of course was the feature match of the evening. Of course it was a repeat of the last two evenings, wherein “Big Bill” Greenawalt continued with his inarticulate mangling of the English language. He seemed to drop the “Chaos Theory” because, like an orphan, it had no real support. “Big Bill” became “Clueless Bill” when it came to his claims regarding infrastructure and the inherent costs of his triple-digit tax schemes. It seems that “Big Bill” must have flunked Accounting 101.  Of course “Big Bill” squirmed when he was challenged on his tax and spend schemes, and wandered aimlessly on to more gobbled-gook that only the most experienced monologist could understand. Is seems both “Big Bill” and Bernie the Attorney want to pave every lawn in Greenburgh, whether the public wants it or not. 


 “Big Bill” also was also indignant over Linda Garfunkel’s letter to the editor when she wondered what he had been doing all summer. Well we think that he has spent most of his time at County Tennis in Scarsdale serving up meatballs to be hit for winners.


Paul of course was coolly prepared with the facts, as usual. He put a lie to every one of “Big Bill’s” rantings.  Paul cited our great Bond rating, his fiscal responsibility towards the overburdened taxpayers, the vision that he has for “open and accessible” government and our record low crime rate. Of course “Big Bill” conveniently forgot that the PBA has endorsed Paul along with the Westchester League of Conservation Voters and the Sierra Club. “Big Bill’s” empty charge of police dissatisfaction rang loudly hollow!


Paul, the People’s Supervisor, was again tarred with the fact that the “Old Dems” didn’t support him. But what was forgotten was that the “New Dems” witnessed over 4500 signatures, twice the amount that The Greenawalt Gang could garner from their “way over-the-hill” mob. Meanwhile where was his “mob” of supporters? They were nowhere to be found. The probably got “Lost in Yonkers.” Maybe someone should have called Neil Simon for directions.


So not to drag this melodrama any further into the night and early morning, the series of debates showed our mettle, and we left with a great upbeat feeling. Let’s work hard as possible over the next 12 days and bring a new team to leadership.



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