Other Residents Being Disrupted 3-29-05

Other residents being disrupted

(Original publication: March 29, 2005)

I am very concerned about the other residents of the hospice in which Terri Schiavo is dying. Don't these people have the right to spend their final days or weeks in a quiet environment without bagpipes, bullhorns and loud praying and television cameras? No matter what one thinks about who should be in control, who should intervene and what role the courts and the executive branch should play, one should have some concern about the other residents. Their family members must go through security before they can visit their loved ones.
I heard a story on the news the other day about a woman who was delayed by security in her desire to see her dying grandfather (he died before she was able to reach his bedside).
It is unfortunate that the news media, including this newspaper, have not done any stories about the wonderful care and the wonderful people who work in hospices.

Linda Garfunkel, Tarrytown

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