Letter to the Editor 9-9-04

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To the Editor

September 9, 2004


The Union Baptist Church Takes a Step Forward


Last night at the Greenburgh Town Board meeting Supervisor Paul Feiner again showed why he is well known as “The Problem Solver.” Against the advice and counsel of many, Supervisor Feiner put his “hands-on” approach to the Union Baptist Church’s 2-year-old struggle to expand its already overcrowded facility. Supervisor Feiner led the Town Board in endorsing a resolution to become the “lead agency” in regards to the Church’s effort to modernize and expand its existing home. In this way the Town of Greenburgh assured the Union Baptist’s congregation, that any future “red tape” and “roadblocks” would be directly addressed. On the other hand I must object to one veiled assertion that somehow the noble effort of the Union Baptist Church to expand was more justified, because of their long association with Greenburgh, then the expansion of the Solomon Schechter School. It seemed to me, that there was an insinuation that the Schechter School, because of some kind of “advantage,” did not meet the delays faced by the Union Baptist Church. This type of divisive disingenuous remark does nothing to solve the ongoing problems of growth facing the Union Baptist Church and its most loyal supporters. By the way the Solomon Schechter School did not expand, but merely completed its originally approved building plan.


Richard J. Garfunkel

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