FDR Birthday Ball Dinner 1-30-03 Letter to Cynthia Koch

Ms. Cynthia Koch

The Franklin Delano Roosevelt Library

4079 Albany Post Road

Hyde Park, NY 12538


January 30, 2003


Dear Cynthia,


I hope this letter finds you quite well. I just wanted to say to you, that my wife Linda, my friends and I had a marvelous time. Even though I had been to Hyde Park many times over the years, including; FDR’s 100th Birthday celebration, Eleanor Roosevelt’s 100th Birthday and the 50th anniversary of FDR’s death, the thrill never goes away. I was so glad that some of my friends were able to enjoy the experience of re-visiting, through the library, one of our most dramatic periods in history. Certainly for all of us alive today, whether young or old, the impact of Franklin Roosevelt’s life and contribution is immeasurable. Any casual student of history would readily know that without FDR’s contributions and leadership, our way of life would not exist.


With regards to my participation with this committee, I must say that I have enjoyed every minute of it. I look forward to contributing in any way to not only the growth and prosperity of this effort, but to the advancement and continued great work of the FDR Library. The memory and legacy of FDR, at least to me, and I know countless others, continues to be a beacon of hope and enlightenment to the world.


Meanwhile I hope that our joint work will continue and prosper, and this effort will be continued far into the future with great success.


Regards and stay well,


Richard J. Garfunkel



 2801 Watch Hill Drive

Tarrytown, NY 10591

914-524-8381, e-mail rjg@cloud9.net


ps: Please find  a copy of  the cover qnd a few pages of Fireside Chats, published by Gustav Detjen, Jr. (I thought it was run by Clyde Sarzin, my mistake!) out of Clinton, Corners, NY. Also if you want me to work on a FDR philatelic exhibition, I would love to do it!

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