Yonkers strikes a blow against cronyism-Letter to the Editor 2-28-02

Letter to the Journal News 2-28-02


As a long time observer and participant in the political arena I wish to applaud the Yonkers City Council vote on rejecting the nomination of Mr. Jay Hashmall for a post in the Yonkers City government. As a life-long Democrat, I wish to congratulate Councilperson Gordon Burrows for his courage in putting a halt to the next chapter of the “revolving door” saga of rewarding long-time cronies for their past loyalties. I was astounded, after reading the commentary in Thursday's Journal News, regarding

Mr. Hashmall's continued support from certain members of the Yonker's City Council, and their lack of critical judgment. It certainly brings into question what other reasons, are behind such an extension of support that exist within the Yonkers City government. I have no idea whether Mr.Hashmall is guilty or innocent, but as it was said long ago, “a public office is a public trust”. There are too many incestuous deals that go on between government and business. The public deserves to know the truth, and the whole truth, before rewarding any individual who has been tainted by this, or any other affair. The question now arises, “why is the Yonker's administration so interested in taking on the political risk of hiring Jay Hashmall and incurring the wrath and skepticism of the public and press?”



Richard J.Garfunkel