Letter to Mayor Ernest Davis of Mount Vernon 4-9-03

Hon. Ernest Davis

Mayor of Mount Vernon, NY

Office of the Mayor

Mount Vernon, NY, 10550



April 9, 2003


Dear Mayor Davis,


I hope this letter and enclosure finds you quite well. Since I know that you have a keen interest in American foreign policy, I wanted to share with you the outline of the speech that I am delivering this coming Monday, on April14th, at the Westchester Meadows Assisted Living Facility. I have also included a “hand-out” that serves as a guide to my talk.


This subject will also be the theme of my new Jon Breen Fund Lecture at the Mount Vernon High School. This year’s essay contest topic will be  “Is the United Nations Relevant, when it Conflicts with America’s National Interest?” This will be the 9th straight year that the Fund has sponsored this contest and scholarships. We usual get at least 150 entrees and we intend to cablecast the 2nd John Breen Memorial Essay Assembly in early June (5th or 6th depending on school arrangements) with hopefully your attendance on our panel, along with Ms. Brenda Smith, the Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Lawrence Spruil, the School Principal and the County Legislator Clinton Young, serving on our judging panel.





Richard J. Garfunkel



Ps: I will talk to Ms. Leslie Alpert to confirm your availability.