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  1. I am the grand daughter of Rabbi Joseph Gorfinkle who was an early rabbi at Temple Sinai in Mt. Vernon. He came to the Temple in 1907 or 1908 and served there for 28 years. I read with interest your article about Mt Vernon.

  2. Hi Richard! I came across your blog because I am doing research about a medical experiment that happened in the late 1940s. I am trying to put together Leonard Lyons (who it seems that you have a connection with and knowledge about) and Sidney Wallach. Wallach was a Jewish activist in the 1930s – founded the journal that would become Commentary – was an early warner about the danger of Hitler – and then started a public relations business. It appears that he helped out a little grass roots organization and I think he probably had Leonard Lyons help them too. If you have any insight, I would love to hear it! Thanks!! Robin

  3. In 1950-51 I attended Brownie (girl scout) meetings at the JM-JW HA across from Hartley Park. I was in second grade at Columbus School. There I learned the dreidel song which served me well in later years as a scout leader. One Christmas in Yorktown Heights there was a Christmas caroling gathering outdoors at the library. I had one Jewish girl in my troop and I led the dreidel song which pleased the girl and her mother. Love the history of the Jews in Mount Vernon. All of us benefited from the exclusivity of the neighboring towns.

  4. Dear Richard ,
    Hi , just read your 2004 article on Coach Dave Rider …. wow that brought back
    some memories. My Dad was Tony DiPrima from Mt Vernon Recreation Dept and
    I am Tony DiPrima Jr “Scooter” back then. Coach Rider and Coach Forrest were
    amazing people. We were so lucky back then. I remember Coach Forrest coaching
    young athletes all the wall back before his MVHS days at Nichols Jr High. When I run still (@ 59y/o) and its windy out I still always think of him saying to hunch over when you run to break the wind haha. Coach Brooke brought back other memories. Not as favorable but I am sorry to hear of his health deteriorating. He definitely carved a groove in my memory I’ll never forget. He was bigger than any man I knew back in our childhood. I was not as much of a athlete as I became in later years. He would probably laugh to know my path took me to UMiami graduate in BS Educ (Phys Ed and Motor Disabilities) and Nursing. One time Coach Brooke opened the doors of Graham Elementary School Gym and here comes little kids (including me ) in the gym with tshirt and gym shorts with the outside weather of 20 degrees now that temp in the gym. We all complained of the cold. Coach Brooke said, “Oh if y’all are cold we better warm up” He proceeded to make us do ! 500 !
    Jumping Jacks. Mind you we were like 12 y/o 6th grade. We hurt for days haha.
    Any how , Coach Rider & Coach Forrest were extraordinary men. I was glad to hear Joe Ghirardi coached. I left NY in 1973 for Florida with family . If that’s the same Joe that was QB at Mt Vernon HS with Damon Cooper in backfield, he was a great guy. We used to play Tackle football at Memorial Field. I worked with Gus and Earl at the Parks : 4th St, Harley , and Fleetwood. I still stay in contact with EARL. we wrote letters back in forth in college when he was at Marquette and now still phone and email. John Branca was like family to us and Frank Carideo was my dad’s great friend since his childhood. Thanks for the memories ! I miss those days and wish I grasped back then how blessed of a childhood I had with all the great people of Westchester. My dad was so close with Ed Williams and Tony Viteri (I remember Mr Viteri used to work at a milk company when he wasn’t ref-ing games)
    Bless you and thanks
    Tony “Scooter” DiPrima
    Mt Vernon NY

    • Thanks for the generous comment. I have written a lot about MV and you can find any number of pieces on my site about the city. Dave Rider is doing quite well and is a live and well, just saw him on the West Coast of Florida in the past 4 months. I did not like Brooke, in the least. I’ve known Randy Forrest since I was 15, haven’t talked to him in 10 years, but I know he is alive and well in retirement in Va. You should check out my articles on henry Littlefield. rjg

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